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Vimalsoft has vast experience in the IT industry. From its Directors who are still developers even today. We have created a culture loves technology and advices our clients on the best technology to use. We use the latest technology and also upgrade legacy system so companies can benefit from the latest technology.  Below are the list of Services we provide.

Software Development (Web, WinForms, Embedded)

We develop web applications for businesses that embraces technology to serve their customers effectively. We also design and build desktop applications that are hosted within our client’s environment to suit their needs. Our development strategy is designed in such a way that it suit our client’s business processes.  We use Technologies like ASP.NET, C#, WPF, WINFORMS and we enhance the user experience with Telerik user interface controls.

System Integration (All kinds)

We have an experience team that is dedicated to integration. If you have two systems in your organization that does not share information but duplicate data on both systems, your environment is calling for integration. We do integration on the existing systems and also on the newly developed system in any platforms. Banking integration to the Core Banking System, CRM integration and any other System.

·         Data Mining and Analytics. Real time, On line or Offline Data fees into the cloud

·         Data backups and data restore cross platforms integration – MS SQL, Oracle etc.

·         Reporting engines and rules engines, Creation of Dash boards, Touch points

·         Increase Channels to reach the core back office systems using light thin client technology

·         Break departmental Silos through - Core to Core, Core to small, Core to medium systems on the peripheral. Remove the barriers of silos organisations through integration of various departmental one or more systems across the board.


Web Services

We master the art of web services and effective ways to design web calls on any platform ranging from Web Desktop, mobile and embedded system.  We have experience in WCF, Traditional Soap Web services, Rest Services, Web API’s, Micro services and Service fabric.

Database Design (MS SQL, Oracle etc...)

We Design and Deliver a highly normalised database that is effective and matches the industry standards in Database design. We can design a Database and its objects (Stored procedures, functions, triggers, indexes etc...) in Microsoft SQL, Oracle and other relational database management systems that are platform depended.

Software Project Management using Agile

Outsourcing Software Project can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to manage Software Projects. It is proven that Software Projects are not the same as other projects. We have a team of experience software developers who are able to run with the project from its inception till the end to produce a product you always wanted. We use the agile approach which makes certain that our clients will get the exact product that they want.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows Development

 Kinect for Windows is a specialise field. We are proud to say that we have 3 Successful products in this area, which makes us the only company that produce highly scalable Kinect for Windows Solutions in Africa. We are only choice available. We do R&D or Proof of Concepts on the Kinect V1 and V2 and we also do Microsoft HoloLens development.

MS CRM - Microsoft Dynamics

 We Customise Microsoft CRM Dynamics to suit our customers’ needs in the Insurance industries, banking industries. Call Centre, cross and up selling, sales at the back of service, SLA escalations and integration. Integration of existing systems across platforms and we generate automated reports and build rules engines. Single view profiling across systems through integration.

Mobile Development

We build mobile applications for different platforms IOS and Android. We have a range of product that we developed that are on the market and some published under our client’s portfolio.  We can build hybrid apps which a cross-platform or we can build native application.


We also offer a GoAml development, to assist the bank to comply with the central Bank regulation on Anti-Money Laundering.

Website Security

We are requested to test the security of the systems, mostly websites checking the vulnerability of the website and fixing the vulnerability of the website or web services, so as to keep the Business data secure. We also offer a certificate or a report that shows the vulnerability in the website.

Game Design

We Design mobile and Console Games.  We can create new asserts or we can advise to acquire existing ones on the market. We develop games from scratch using Unity PRO and the tools like Maya, 3DSMax. We also assist in publishing the Games to Sony (PlayStation) and XboxOne Market. Please note that we are not responsible if the Game is rejected because of the idea of the Game. We will only take responsibility for a Technical rejection that can be resubmitted after the issues have been fixed.

Development and IT Environment Troubleshooting

It is a fact that one will get stuck with a problem that they don’t know how to solve, which might be beyond their expertise. We also help our clients to troubleshoot those problems, it’s a fact that the more experienced one is the more they have encountered challenges which were eventually resolved.

Data warehousing and ETL

Under Construction

IBM Data stage

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